Spa Therapy Kit

$ 27.95

Brand: Plantl

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Product Description

Therapy in a box! Experience the spa at home with the perfect combination of products created to make living a wellness rounded life that much more attainable. Each kit includes a

- 3oz Therapeutic Mineral Salt (containing over 84 vital minerals, free of pesticides, herbicides and chemicide residues) Allow the nourishment this pure salt imparts.

- 4oz Aromatherapy Massage Oil continue in the tradition back by science...aromatherapy, because of the incorporation of essential oil, has been value for it's benefits toward health and well-being. The massage oil infused with the essential oil makes the therapy that much deeper. As you get the massage, you're inhaling the oils and they are penetrating deeply and circulating throughout your body.

- Aromatherapy Herbal Soap healthy skin comes from good ingredients. Plantlife's soaps are made only from fresh plant oils, herbs and essential oils. It's ultra moisturizing and renewing...

- Natural Scrubber Did you know your skin sheds dead skin cells every day? Used with the herbal soap, the Ramie Scrubber included will generate the sudsy exfoliation needed to get that radiant skin you've longed for or you're maintaining.