B2B Dropship Program

This program is designed for businesses who would like to sell our products without the overhead. If natural and organic products resonate with your clients and you want to offer a quality product, then All Zen Boutique's drop ship program is just what you're looking for!

The beauty in this program is you can offer only the products you believe will serve your practice well. There are 2 options to which you can subscribe.

1. DIY Subscription: We provide you with shop now buttons and product images for you to place on your website

2. Hands Off Subscription: For a one-time fee, we'll add the buttons and product images to your website.

What you get with both options:

1. Free updates (should anything change about the products, you'll be the first to know)

2. Product education (Not all practices are the same, you get customized electronic product education tailored to your practice's needs)

3. Tracking info once items have shipped (so you can check in with your client to see how things are going. You can also add our customer service add-on. See below)

4. Link back to your website (improves search engine rankings)

Fee-based add-ons:

1. Optional Customer service add-on: We can check in with your client to see how the products are doing. We'll reach out to them on your behalf.

2. Customized brochures with your logo that you can give to your clients containing info about the products you choose to offer.

Click HERE for more info or to get started.