Sincerely, AZB

Why we chose the Pure Plant Home Candle Collection

"What you use on your skin is absorbed, what you inhale is absorbed. Everyday your well-being is affected by the personal care products or candles you choose to use." ( Those words are the exact reason we choose the products we choose. We believe one of the essential steps to personal care is being very cognizant of the products you use on your body, what you consume and what you use in and around the house. Breathing in harmful chemicals have been linked to serious illness (that will be another blog post). For now, enjoy knowing that the candles you've purchased (or are thinking of purchasing) from us has your health at the top of its priority list. Win Win!!...

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Why I love Valentine's Day Flowers - A note from the heart

My mom used to send Valentine's Day flowers to me and my sister's school One of my fondest childhood memories was being called to the front office at school to pick up flowers my mom sent to me. (She did it for my birthday too every year). Those moments drive home a truthful quote by the late Maya Angelou "I've learned people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel" I truly felt loved and important (not that I didn't feel that way other times, but there was something about that extra mile she took every year). I'm willing to bet that those flowers is one of the reason I...

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